You can’t out train a bad diet.

We all know that exercises such as Burpees, battle ropes, skipping and jumping split squats burn a lot of calories in a short space of time.

But are these exercises the most effective way to torch that unwanted body fat that’s making you feel like shit and not as confident as you should be on a daily basis?

In my opinion I don’t think they are and before I explain why let me just say that the above exercises are ones I use in my own training and my clients training on a regular basis, so I’m not saying don’t do any of the above exercises I am in fact encouraging you to do them.

So let’s cut the BS and get to the point.

In my opinion the best way to torch that unwanted body fat is to clean up your diet because you will never be able to out train a bad diet!

It doesn’t matter how many changes you make to the secret exercises you create/copy off some so called guru on instagram as they will never equate to being able to overcome a bad diet.

Get the basics right!

So many people don’t get the results they want purely because they haven’t got the basics right from the beginning. And to be honest a lot of this is down to people copying some so called guru who has photos taken with someone else Lamborghini and sells worthless programs with no real structure.

Hiring a professional like myself is a great way to prevent training completely wrong and wasting your hard earned cash on a gym membership.

So ensure you work on your squat, bench press, Deadlift and military press and yes all these are weighted exercises. As for body weight exercises work on your Press Ups, Pull Ups, sit ups and bodyweight squats with the aim of mastering good form and progress from there.

A good conditioning program is something I put together for all my clients as it improves cardiovascular health, keeps the heart strong, work capacity along with stamina and endurance will improve but at the end of the day a bunch of exercises in any training program are just attributes to the bigger picture.

Your nutrition is where it will begin and end.

If you truly want results then you will stop the BS excuses and clean up your diet.

You have a great opportunity to be a massive inspiration to those around you.

If you require help with your nutrition and training then please contact me today.

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