A statement from Mindset Members

On the early evening of December 13th 2023, our community was rocked by an unimaginable tragedy. As staff and members went about their workouts, socialised in the cafe and went about their routines, a devastating explosion and subsequent fire ripped through the building.
The flames not only consumed the structure that housed our much loved gym and the numerous small businesses hosted in its adjoining retail units, but also took away the livelihoods of the hardworking individuals who poured their hearts and souls into a place many called their second home.
This tragic accident sadly took the life of a colleague from the adjoining business. With a strong veteran community at its heart, Mindset ensures that those who pay the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten. The Mindset community will do everything to show support to Danielle’s family and keep her legacy alive.
As we look to 2024, we do so with gratitude for our community’s safety. We’d like to extend that gratitude to local and national businesses that have helped Mindset, as well as thanking the incredibly brave and resilient staff for their response during the evacuation, and their unwavering determination to keep the community united and supported.
We hope that those reading this will be moved to remember the loss of Danielle and to support the rebuild of Mindset 2.0. Together we can rebuild, recover and restore a place we all love.

Mindset Members


Membership gives acces to all gym equipment. Classes can take a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups.

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Our membership options are varied and we have the right deal for everyone. Go to our Membership page to have a look.


Although Crossfit combines many other elements, one of the key characteristics is a daily workout, hence the “workout of the day”.

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Although Crossfit combines many other elements, one of the key characteristics is a daily workout, hence the “workout of the day”.

Project Mindset

Project Mindset is the very reason why Mindset Functional Fitness was formed.

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Regular small group training sessions that will not only help you get in the best shape of your life but it will help you improve your mindset which will lead to a greater stress free lifestyle.

Mindset Minis

Our mission is to support and encourage children in developing their fitness, health and well being through a fun, physical, safe and engaging environment.

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Mindset Minis is a children’s fitness, health & well being provider, we offer fitness classes, parties, school holiday clubs, family self care days/breaks, well being sessions, children’s personal training & fitness testing and special events.

State of Mind

Helping services veterans and their families in south wales improve their mental health and well being by running support groups, providing free personal training programmes and gym membership, and by signposting to other support organisations in the south wales area.

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The Heart and soul of Mindset is our warm cosy café. It’s the perfect place to wind down after a long day and catch up with some friends whether you train or not.

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We have wide range of supplements in our shop as well as our very own Mindset branded coffee, (We’ve been told it’s the best in wales) protein shakes and smoothies to suit everyone’s taste. With over 50+ seats theres plenty of space for everyone!

COVID NOTICE: We ask all members and everyone visiting the facility to adhere to the current government guidelines.

Class Schedule

Neil Adams
Senior Personal Trainer
Mark Randall
Boxing Coach
Laura Warren

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